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A Mumma Blessing is a different approach to celebrating an upcoming birth than the traditional European Baby Shower. A Mumma Blessing is a way to celebrate the spiritual, sacred and divine elements of pregnancy and birth; encouraging women to come together and create sacred space. Within this sacred space women are invited to come together and celebrate the innate nature that it is to be female; to honour the divine feminine that is in all of us. As women, we have been conditioned to believe that birth is dangerous and scary, that women are weak and require rescuing from birth. A Mumma Blessing is about challenging these beliefs; it is about coming together in a show of strength and support. It is women coming together to celebrate our divine lineage; a red thread of women coming together to say 'you can do this, sister', 'we are with you'. 

During a Mumma Blessing anything that feels right and true can happen, there are no rules about this. What ever feels right for the women in that space at that time goes. Some Mumma Blessings are very simple; women coming together for morning tea to tell birth stories and share love and support, while others are steeped deeply in ritual and honouring the sacred space created. 

What ever it is you decide to do it is important that you make it clear from the outset what the plan is, ensure that everyone is comfortable with this and that everyone is on the same page. This saves any unsettled feelings or disturbances in the rhythm of your event. Planning ahead and giving people an opportunity to express concerns beforehand can also be helpful. 

There are many ideas for Mumma Blessings, we have listed some here. If you are really interested you can search the web. We have provided some wonderful links for you to have a look at if you desire. 

Birthsisters have designed some Mumma Blessing Kits to make it easy for people to hold a Mumma Blessing if they feel it is something that resonates with them. There are also individual sets in The Hub that can be incorporated into your Mumma Blessing; including Power string sets, power bracelet sets, Affirmation flag sets and much more.