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Childbirth and Parenting Education:

Educator: Megan Nourse, a Privately Practicing Endorsed Midwife, ChildBirth Educator, Professional Doula and co-founder of Birthsisters Service.

We are now offering a range of childbirth, parenting and family classes in Port Macquarie. Megan provides a unique birth education program that reminds mothers of their own inner resources, and how to access these resources and use them during the birth of their babies. The premise behind the philosophy is that birth is a natural life event and women are perfectly designed to birth their babies gently, calmly and most often naturally. 

Our courses do not ‘teach’ you, they give you the information and tools to tap into the innate knowledge women have to give birth, to trust in your own body and connect with and understand what is happening during labour. When parents chose to become informed and make educated choices we believe that the birth of a baby can be an empowering, life changing event. 

Birthsisters believe that 

‘how we are born matters; that we as women have a unique right to birth our babies…….with this right comes a profound responsibility. We must become informed consumers, we can no longer afford to be passive recipients of care. We must make educated & informed choices to enable ourselves to have empowered births. Empowered birthing creates empowered mothers, who in turn raise empowered children; this can and will change our world’.

"Birthsisters, supporting women to change the earth, one birth at a time". Meg 





This is an educational program that does not have an agenda for your birth; our aim is to help families achieve the pregnancy and birth experience they desire. Our goal is to facilitate this in an ethical, effective, evidence based and respectful manner.

A key component of our Empowered Birthing education program is development of key skills in informed consent, navigating the system when deviating from routine care, accepting responsibility for consent, empowerment to ask questions and find answers, and understanding personal accountability for your own health and its outcomes. 


 * Saturday 28th March & Sunday 29th March 2020

10am to 4pm

Birthsisters Family Hub


Morning and Afternoon tea and Course materials included.

$300 per couple (Opening Special $100 off)


The Sacred Space of Birth - How & Why to honour it

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Come along and learn about the sacred space of birth, why it is vital to the birthing journey and how to create your own space - no matter where you are birthing. Birthsisters will be demonstrating some simple tricks and techniques to help support the natural physiology of labour and birth, providing information on skills that can help you realise your innate ability to birth your baby and create your sacred birthing space.

Thursday June 25th 6-8pm 
Thursday July 2nd 6-8pm  
Tickets $100 per birth team - contact us for bookings.



This course is for families who have had a previous surgical birth/s and are seeking information on having a future vaginal birth. This course is based on Birthsisters foundational principle of empowerment and can be attended in the preconception/planning stages of your next pregnancy, or during your next pregnancy, and will provide you with skills, information, networks and support for your future birthing journeys. Come along and learn key skills to ensure you have the information you need to facilitate for yourself the birth journey you need. 

July the 5th 2020 

10am to 430pm

Birthsisters Family Hub

Shop 2/11 Clifton Drive

Port Macquarie


Afternoon Tea and Course materials included.

$150 birth team



Birth Support workshop is for anyone who will be supporting a birthing woman; dad to be, mum, sister, friend.. Come along and learn from a Doula and a Midwife top tips and ideas for supporting a birthing woman in labour and birth. Many support people report feeling overwhelmed in the birthing environment, feeling lost and unsure how to help. Birthsisters is dedicated to empowering support people to become active members of the birthing team; supporting them to advocate for their partners and come away feeling they have contributed to the birth in a real and meaningful way. 


* 26 March 2020

Morning or Afternoon and Course materials included.

$150 birth team


 "The birthing woman may not remember what was said to her, who was in the room, or what the time was, but she will remember forever how she felt. If she felt safe, supported, nurtured; these memories stay for eternity". 




Birthsisters supports the use of birth plans, maps, wish lists, or whatever it is you call them. With the fundamental idea being to think about your birthing journey, deciding what does and does not matter to you personally, after educating yourself by asking questions and exploring options and outcomes. Often families find they come up with questions they did not know they needed to ask and discover options they did not know existed.. This workshop is perfect for all birthing families, come along and discuss your ideas, find out what you need to include or not include and come away empowered to develop your very own personal birthing plan.

Birth mapping is a new way to look at birth plans. Designed by Catherine Bell (See store to order her beautiful books). birth mapping gives parents an opportunity to consider many different paths, ultimately coming up with a map that encompasses the families unique birthing dreams and wishes. 


* Thursday 19th March 2020


* Thursday 16th April 2020

4pm to 7pm

Course material provided

$100 per birth team



This workshop is designed to support the process of transitioning into a family. For many the birthing day is the easy part, with lots of families finding the early days with a newborn the most difficult transition. Parents often struggle to find common ground during these early days and report feeling alone and  that their relationship is suffering. The course focusses on going home with baby, keeping your relationship healthy, managing life with a new baby and finding balance. 


Saturday 18th April 2020

*1pm to 6pm Birthsisters Family Hub

Course material provided

$190 per family



                                 For bookings & enquiries please contact us here

* PLEASE NOTE: As Megan is an on call Private midwife courses may be changed at short notice, we trust that you will understand that birthing women and babies do not follow schedules and class bookings. 

If your course or workshop is delayed please be assured that the Birthsisters team will go above and beyond to reschedule your course/workshop at the next available date