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Mumma Blessing - Divine Pamper Kit


This kit is designed as a Mumma Blessing Pamper Kit. A Mumma Blessing is a way to make a traditional European Baby Shower focus more on the spiritual and sacred aspect of the journey of the birthing woman. 'Mumma Blessings' are about celebrating the woman; joining in ritual as women and expressing the conections that make birth sacred. This is achieved by coming together as women, creating and holding space in a sacred way, and celebrating with rituals together that embrace the divine feminine.

This Kit includes:

Creating Space set:

Full instructions print out,

Candles - 1 large dressed candle and 20 tea lights (9 hour burning time),

Smudge stick - Lavender, Rosemary and Geranium Rose,

1 x Mumma Crown.

Red thread Ceremony Set:

Full instructions print out,

7 meters of Organic Red Thread.

Foot Soak Ceremony:

Full Instructions Print Out,

1 x Bag of Organic Lavender Flowers,

1x Bag Organic Chamomile Flowers,

1 x Bag Organic Rose Petals 

Hand and Arm Massage Ritual:

Full Instructions Print Out,

Organic Apricot Kernel Carrier Oil Scented with Organic Lavender Essential oil.

Birth Intentions Flag Making Ceremony Set:

Full Instructions Print Out,

8 x calico (natural colour) flags,

Cording for hanging flags,

16 wooden beads,

2 x Fabric Marker Pens.

Birthisisters has designed this kit with the aim to support women in coming together to share a Mumma Blessing, making it simple and accesable for all women to achieve setting a sacred space, holding some rituals and partaking in a celebration of the divinity of womanhood together.

Use the kit as is or add your own ideas and peices to it, there are many ideas available on our Mumma Blessing pages that are simple to achieve and create a wonderful event for all involved.

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