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Silicone Bead and Beech Wood Organic Teether


Made from environmentally sustainable Beech wood and 100% food grade silicone beads, these teethers are the perfect size for little hands. The soft beads and smooth, gentle timber stimulates little ones senses and encourages mouth exploration.

Mouth exploration is considered a vital component of babies development, with the mouth considered as a third eye as mouth play is used to explore everything in a babies world. To support this development it is important that you provide safe, stimulating items for your baby to explore.

As these are hand beaded the colours are not consistent and will vary between each item. Please select your colour range preference below, however please note that the colours you receive may not be in the order or same grouping as the images you see here. If you desperately want a colour selection please message us via the contact us page and we will do our best to meet your needs.

We have double threaded these teethers with reinforced waxed jewellery cording and have attempted several strength tests to ensure absolute safety. As these are designed to be in your baby’s mouths, we recommend that you inspect this teether before use EVERYTIME and assess for wear and tear. Pull the teether cord to ensure that the cording remains intact as it may wear over time. Ensure that all beads are intact, that the timber is smooth and clean, before allowing your baby to enjoy mouth play.

This timber is raw and untreated if you would like to keep it soft you can moisturise it with an edible baby safe oil; e.g. Organic Apricot Oil. Beech wood is utilised as it has a very fine grain resulting in a limited chance of splintering, particularly if kept oiled. You can hand wipe this item with warm soapy water, however do not soak in water, as this will damage the timber.

Our teethers are compliant with the Australian Safety Standards for Toys (8124. 1-3) and all our silicone beads meet the Food Safety Standards. Please note beads alone (not safely threaded) are NEVER to be left with a small child, as they are a choking hazard.

Please advise of colour range - as each piece is hand made each one has a unique colour pattern. Please choose a colour range from Bright colours, pink hues, blue hues and neutrals

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