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T.N DICKINSON'S All Natural Witch Hazel 240ml


Witch Hazel can be used on pads in the postnatal period to help eleviate tenderness, aches and aid in the healing of perineal wounds.

Simply poor approximately 10ml of Witch Hazel on to a pad and apply to the perinium, it is normal to feel stinging for a few seconds. Place a second pad under to protect underwear and clothing. Witch hazel can also be used to make frozen pads for the intial 24-48 hour postnatal period to help reduce swelling and aid in the reduction of pain. Soak pads in water, poor approximately 10ml of Witch Hazel over the pad, wrap in cling wrap or bees wax wrapper and freeze until needed. When applying to the perinuim ensure that there is another pad between the frozen pad and the perineium. 

100% distilled Witch Hazel containing 14% Alcohol - no other additives. T.N Dickinsons Witch Hazel is double distilled for purity. 

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