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Inverted Nipple Puller - Silicone


Set of food grade silicone nipple pullers in a sturdy carry case.

Inverted nipples can cause issues when commencing your breastfeeding journey, these nipple pullers can be used in pregnancy to help draw out the nipple and once feeding is being established to shape the nipple. For use in pregnancy you can wear the nipple puller for a few minutes at a time, as tolerated.

To apply you gently squeeze the silicone nipple and plce your nipple central to the puller, once in position apply the puller over the nipple and release. When you are ready to remove the puller make sure that you break the seal! If you pull the nipple puller off without breaking the seal you will damage your nipple and it will hurt (we tried it too!!) Break the seal by squeezing the puller GENTLY, do not crush your nipple in the process. 

Once you are breastfeeding you can use the puller to shape the nipple prior to feeding, place on the nipple as above shortly before feeding for a minute or so, remove, GENTLY and then when the nipple is out attach the baby to the breast. 

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