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Welcome to Birthsisters.

Situated in Port Macquarie NSW, we are now able to offer a midwifery clinic, Mumma and Baby Boutique, Private Education Space and our 'Family Room' for Mothers groups, Parenting Groups, Workshops and Community Programs.

Birthsisters are currently running Private Childbirth Education Courses, see our Classes Tab on this page for details.

We offer private Midwifery services; including comprehensive Midwifery care for your antenatal, labour and birth and postnatal needs.

We will also soon be offering a drop in Postnatal clinic, 3 afternoons a week for all families needing extra support. 

If you are in the local area, drop in a see us at Port Macquarie's first ever stand alone Midwifery Clinic!

Shop 2/11 Clifton Drive 


9-5 Monday to Friday

Classes and Workshops as advertised

Sacred Space of Birth Workshop

25th June and 2nd July 6pm-8pm

Birthsisters family hub

shop 2/11 clifton drive 

port Macquarie nsw

Welcome to Birthsisters ‘Honouring the Sacred Space of Birth’ workshop. This workshop is designed to give you an initial overview of several complex hormonal processes, the unique interactions of these processes and the environment of the labouring women, the impacts of these interactions on these complex systems and ways to best honour the natural physiology that is undisturbed birth, or physiological birth.

This will be Held over two evenings - on consecutive thursday evenings, 

from 6pm to 8pm 

The theories and research discussed in this workshop are current and include work by leading scientists, obstetricians, midwives and Professors of Midwifery and other leading researchers in related fields. New sciences, like epigenetic’s, the human micro biome project and fields of neuroscience, are now highlighting and developing further the work of researchers and practitioners in ways we could hardly imagine even 10 years ago. All current research supports the theory that the Sacred Space of birth can have a positive impact on the physiology of human labour, birth and the initial hours of the neonate/mother bonding experience. With new sciences proving an even more extended impact of interrupted birth, reaching long into adulthood and possibly even into an evolutionary change in humanity.

Tickets include access to the full two evening Workshops, both Scheduled for 1hour 30 mins, with a 15 minute break in the middle, the course workbook which will be emailed to you once you have purchased tickets and can be printed (for personal use only) for use during the course and for note keeping and birth planning for the rest of your pregnancy/birthing journey. We can send out a had copy at an extra cost of $10, including postage - please note this in your purchase total if required.

Tickets; $75 Couple                               Hardcopy of work booklet posted out $10

Empowered Birthing 

Class with Midwife Meg

This is an educational program that does not have an agenda for your birth; our aim is to help families achieve the pregnancy and birth experience they desire. Our goal is to facilitate this in an ethical, effective, evidence based and respectful manner.

A key component of our Empowered Birthing education program is development of key skills in informed consent, navigating the system when deviating from routine care, accepting responsibility for consent, empowerment to ask questions and find answers,            and understanding personal accountability for your own health and its outcomes. 
                                                 Please see above for new prices

    Morning and Afternoon tea and Course materials included.

    $300 per couple - limited spaces. (Opening Special - $100 off)

 Bookings available here



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What is Birthsisters?

Birthsisters is a multi faceted, family run business, focused on providing high-quality services, products, information, community engagement and woman centred care. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations, support you in empowering yourself and make your journey as magical as possible. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. 

Birthsisters are dedicated to engaging with the community and providing support and care to families; if you are local to the Port Macquarie are keep an eye on the Community Events pages for up to date information about mothers groups, workshops and other community focussed events.  

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 Comprehensive range of childbirth education classes

Home Birth Services

Complete midwifery services; antenatal, home birth and postnatal care. 

Including a new postnatal drop in clinic available early this year.